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  • gorbeГАЗ-21 микроавтобус
    Very nice "Photoshop"(image maqnipulation,hobby) ,However,Judging ANALYTICALLY,when We compare the natural,original perspective,of the original9By the Wheels),,the inner perspective....unfor tunately,did not correspond logically,to the outer one,in other termms,inner is too ...
  • soslanГАЗ-21 микроавтобус
  • soslanVoisin C6 Laboratoire
    Это все под чем произошло?
  • IgorOk_RSFord truck
    Промежуточные рез-ты очень нравятся. Финальный тоже неплох, но промежуточные крутяцкие))
  • gorbeBMW 850
    My favorite(Favourite), in terms of final execution(it's fuller, and more complete visibility,and pleasing color/Colour) ,I'm sure,I could state,that We all wish you all the best,and most of all success.

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