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  • gorbeGolf 5 GTI
    Nice work, However,the rear stop&indicator lamps, might need to be improved,yet congratulations to you, you somehow managed to rein in the Blender 3D, which version do you have?, and was it rendered with its Cycles (Blender's 3D own renderer)renderer, you must have top quality computer to one 3D ...
  • gorbeGolf 5
    Now it's looks much better
  • Master DronBugatti Cologne
  • gorbeBugatti Cologne
    You are very welcome.
  • gorbeBMW
    You're more than welcome,We always enjoy your beautiful presentations.Which are joy to our eyes.

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02 July 2009:
KAMAZ 2022
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20 April 2008:
Конкурс: "Конкурс «Next VW Icon» "

В основе лежит маленький но мощный гибридный двигатель. Когда ты захотел поменять автомобиль ты меняешь только Ты в у ...

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