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ФИО: Bobinin Alexey
Телефон: +79217786496
Образование: Saint-Petersburg State Politechnical University
MMF Industrial design

Graduated in 2010. specialist
Языки: Mother Russian
English- up intermediate
German- Basic
Italian- Basic
Опыт: I can do everything from sketches to renderings. Working in programs: 3Dmax, Adobe photoshop,Solid works,spaceclaim,Coreldraw,Alias SketchBookPro, Alias studio,Kompas, Autocad and other
2007-Industrial designer.
Monument to the student made to Polytechnic University in St Petersburg (
2008- architect Lenroektrestavratsiya
The project Palace of Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich (embankment of the river moiki 122, St. Petersburg) (

2009- Industrial designer PTMF
The interior of the tram
It was a diploma work
2010- Industrial designer
2011 lead designer of studio industrial design ("...i T.D.")
Награды: 2007 - Diploma. Auto Review(project gibridomobil)

2007 - Diploma of the second degree. For excellence in scientific research.

2009 - Diploma. First place in the championship table tennis SPbSPU.

2009 - Best courses in Estonia. (December)

2010 - Best courses in St. Petersburg with Europa (24 countries SPbSPU, March) Subject:
Theory of Inventive Problem Solving.

2010 - Diploma. First place in the engineering competition in SPbSPU. (Prizes of the President of Siemens, March)
О Себе: I' m industrial designer I love the design of transport, especially rail vehicles are very popular trams and trains. Professional sports. I love the positive, travel and new places.
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В друзьях у пользователей: Mareyev Dmitry, Evstunina Daria, Barsmedia
Взаимные друзья: Mareyev Dmitry

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