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  • Toshchev AlexanderKoenigsegg
    Спасибо за оценку и комментарий))
  • gorbeскетчи
    Я считаю, что это просто фантастика, что моя группа в Facebook ждет вас. YA schitayu, chto eto prosto fantastika, chto moya gruppa v Facebook zhdet vas.This is absolutely fantastic,I still think,that My Facebook group is waiting for you.Ваши художественные способности восхищают. Vashi are ...
  • soslanХетч (копия)
    О а я подумал нива.
  • soslanKoenigsegg
  • soslanскетчи
    Спасибо!) Приобщаюсь потихоньку..

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Опубликовано: 22.12.2016
Место: 6468
Рейтинг: 5 (количество голосовавших: 1)
Количество просмотров: 1973

Описание: Всем добрый день.Продолжение работы над пикапом от Лады.С детства люблю Ниву-пикап.В этот раз машина сделана на базе Ниссан-Навара последнего поколения.Очень интересует Ваше мнение, как он Вам?

Увеличить: 1280x1066, 2835x2362

Увеличить: 1280x1066, 2835x2362

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22.12.16г. 23:30 gorbe  
Оценка: 5

Dear Mr.Roman Khankov, You're a fantastic artist and a designer as well, In My Most Humble Opinion, of a poor Inca Native woman of awareness, I think, that you came up with a nice idea, ...however,my most intimate friendly advice,is to try to redo,the same based more on current VAZ Lada DNA,so anyone, who now owns a lada car, or even Lada Niva, ,may be able to be inspired by your Pick Up idea, and bring it into a Pick up conversion state, by using any available body shop, which specialized in customizing, meanwhile, I love to wish you&Yours, merry Xmas(Christmas) and a happy and healthy ,and extremely successfulm new year,and manyhugs, from our Inca Native country of Bolivia ,to whhich,You're always welcome!.

23.12.16г. 10:08 Ханьков Роман (RKhankov)  

Thank you very much!Great opportunities ahead! I think it all works out.

24.12.16г. 04:55 gorbe  

Dear Mr.Khankov"the magnificent"!: You're more than just welcome,Since you're also adored&admired ,and respected, skilled, educated, and polite.Your kind reply is the evidence of all those attributes of such a fine gentleman.The opportunities are always present there, and your deign& artworks, are speaking for themselves,(and they say a lot about you&Your skilled abilities ).Now I also agree with you about opportunities,to be work out,My only worry, is time.It rushing fast,and We need to catch up with it, as once it gone,we get older(and hopefully wiser ,as well), that's why I beleieving in"Shooting straight".the design field move so rapidly,therefore catching up immediately, is your winning card( looks like a winner!).Merry X'mas(Christmas), and a happy,and healthy, and successful new year, full of winnings!.

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