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  • gorbe《Street mapper》
    Очень хорошая работа
  • samofptrDelahaye "Rudiar ius" hypercar concept
    Thank you, Gorbe! For "Kaput gemacht" - ja natürlich, this is exactly what I wanted to get, the dark edition is my favorite option :))
  • gorbeкраз-6315
    Very nice work,is that of a concept(Prototype)?. from the past.You always doing professional grade fantastic artworks.
  • gorbeКВАДРО:ремейк
    We always enjoy your artistic aspiration, especially the nice colors(Colours) you chose ,Nowadays electric power is desired, as well as Shaft drive(s),I hope it'll help you.
  • gorbeG-NIVA 2020
    Magnificent,rendered and ray traced 3D presentation,very professional,in appearance, Design wise it's very important to keep with up to date trend,so if ever such is submitted to any given manufacturer,it has a more realistic chance to be accepted,Kindly please be updated about the new VAZ so ...

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Опубликовано: 04.03.2019
Место: 5989
Рейтинг: 5 (количество голосовавших: 1)
Количество просмотров: 2410

Описание: Несколько работ на тему микроавтобусов
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04.03.19г. 23:38 gorbe  

Very nice artwork,from a design point of view,or even attractiveness, color(colour) is only one part of the equation,I for instance, love the Green color you painted your old design sketch of an helmet, Now of course 2nd aspect refers to styling there's where you may enjoy some serious improvement/s, shape of your choice,that 'll be both attractive,and exciting,some nice fresh approach...of beauty,try to imagine, a shape,that folks 'll flock to your bus, "Just because" of it attractiveness.,the good can do it.why not research the subject on the internet, and find something exciting and inspiring?.something new, yet pulling your attention,by its sheer beauty,I wish you all the very,very best, and hope to see soon,your newest resolution to the bus dilema/crises.,and somehow I feel,that you'll be very(extremely) successful.

05.03.19г. 00:36 N.SOKOL  

Thank you very much, I will try to work on the design!

06.03.19г. 22:28 gorbe  
Оценка: 5

You welcome,Being talented as you're, you soon will improve drastically and surprise us all,I always recommend,to be updated daily,by watching our magnificent and helpful computers,there are so much free and useful info. about modern buses, or shuttle,as you may be aware, there are 2 upcoming trends, no.1) electric propulsion, number 2)automation,autonomous driver less,amybe remote controlled transportation, in addition to that so many bus design articles, featuring most up to date buses,that ideas are so abundant,and We could even improve on the latest up to date idea, and surprise every body else,with our progressive solutions,well I wish you the very best of liuck, success,and fame.

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