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  • qwert5Porsche cayenne turbo s restyling 2020
    Без обид дружище... но обвес страшный.
  • gorbeОпять лада
    Хорошие 3D модели, а также цвета, мне нравятся розовые цвета женского движения.Nice 3D models, colors as well,I love the pink femen movement colors.
  • gorbeKoenigsegg
    Your artistic ability is great, However,not to hurt(offend) your feelings,Your beautiful car, does NOT looks like Koenigsegg,unless... it's your proposed idea of "How it should look,ideally"?.Ваши артистические способности велики, однако, чтобы не задеть (оскорбить) ваши чувства, НЕ в ...
  • RayRedKoenigsegg
    Предполагаемую марку поменять бы!)) Это больше на Феррари/Ламборгини похоже!))
  • gorbeЗАЗ-з50
    Very nice logicочень хорошая логика ochen' khoroshaya logika дуже приємна логіка duzhe pryyemna lohika

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Опубликовано: 13.02.2017
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14.02.17г. 00:17 gorbe  
Оценка: 5

Now Fantasy is a nice word, I love it, since it is imaginary (imagination) fictionally speaking (a'product 'of a fertile imagination) it leads to hope (Esperanza) in which we esperamos (Hoping and waiting) for something nice to occure, but yet, it's order to be successful, to transfer our fantasy design to reality, we need to convice a manufacturer, to accept a (calculated) risk, in order to put it into a production, even as a concept, in order to guage, the public reaction, henceforth (therefore), in order to increase the potential of our design, to be even consider for a serious review by the potential car manufacturer, it beehoove us, to do a prelim (Preliminary) research , in this case the shape of things, and the attractiveness, and acceptability of our proposal, I hope you got my drift (Meaning: you fot my idea, and understand, or rather understood it), it'll contribute to your ultimate success , to be a critical objective judge of your work, and ask yourself, "How I could improve it drastically", so everyone, 'll like it? .You see, Here's the key to you ultimate success, "Let's drink for it" ! Cheers! and success to you, If I were you, instead of continue drawing, or sketchin a new car, I would redraw, or resketch this very same car, with correctional ideas, to meet the total attractiveness goal, and that'll help you, to improve immediately, then resubmit, the result of your "brainstorm" .being a good artist, as you're, is only a patrt of the whole tangent, the design, is an addtional aspect of success, and that's where improvement'll help, best of luck !.

14.02.17г. 02:02 Viclik  

I will apply Your wishes in future works. Thank you!

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