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  • gorbeProject IDEST
    I(me) and Katia(KatyushaI call her Katyush'ka) of Thalia Street,(Near Verdana Avenue). Love your color choice,it's very attractive.But We both came, with some ideas for you to improve, the color/s your should offer in addition to this, should be, light"baby" blue, and various shades,or tints ...
  • gorbeГАЗ-21 микроавтобус
    Very nice "Photoshop"(image maqnipulation,hobby) ,However,Judging ANALYTICALLY,when We compare the natural,original perspective,of the original9By the Wheels),,the inner perspective....unfor tunately,did not correspond logically,to the outer one,in other termms,inner is too ...
  • soslanГАЗ-21 микроавтобус
  • soslanVoisin C6 Laboratoire
    Это все под чем произошло?
  • IgorOk_RSFord truck
    Промежуточные рез-ты очень нравятся. Финальный тоже неплох, но промежуточные крутяцкие))

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