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Тема: Sketch Fighter 2010 - SPD contest # 2
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04 August 2010 16:23

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04 August 2010 18:35
Naca duct
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05 August 2010 12:27
Евгений Ткаченко
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05 August 2010 20:24
Naca duct
Фатыр Чурек
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05 August 2010 21:05
Результаты от Кимберли!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the competition! I realize now that this theme may have been a little difficult for car designers, but the idea was to see how creatively you interpreted this subject matter, not just about sketching skill. Regardless, I think everyone did an amazing job considering the time restraints.
I chose the top 10 based on flexibilty of design (ability to carry cargo and people), innovation, simplicity, consideration of space restrictions, and of course design appeal.

1. Naca Duct: An easy and creative solution for this project. I appreciate how you thought about the different aspects of their lives, and that this is not a "one size fits all" concept.

2. Galaktionov: Your concepts are strong, mainly because you show the ability to transform the scooter according to different uses. It would be great if you could combine the two ideas, flexibility for passengers and cargo.

3. Schum1: Great design. It looks like it could be cheaply and easily manufactured. If you continue with this design, make sure it is flexible for different types of cargo, and also multiple passengers.

4. Bird: Innovative thought process, it's great that you were able to design something for people and cargo.

5. Ivan V: Creative ideation, you have some innovative ways of re-packaging cargo and passengers.

6. Stig: Interesting package reconfiguration. I can see additional people sitting on the right side of the driver, even though you meant it for cargo

7. Aldes: Great styling, love the look of the scooter. I feel like this concept could have worked better if the platform was able to fold up in some way.

8. Suslonan: Simple design, and flexible for small cargo. I can imagine this design being able to fold up, or expand in some way.

9. RRRRROMA: Creative design

10. Gousman: Fun and interesting design

Thank you again, it was an honor to be asked to judge this competition-— I still consider myself a student, so we're all learning here :)

> Kimberly
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Tlibekov Kasim
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05 August 2010 23:24
Молодцы! Поздравляю от всей души!))
Фатыр Чурек
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06 August 2010 19:41
Результаты зрительского голосования (в определении финалистов не учитываются):

1) naca duct = 21
2) Gousman = 15
3) chalex = 13
4) frost = 9
5—6) Galaktionov = 5
5—6) fabi = 5
7) Aldes = 4
8—9-10) spot = 3
8—9-10) 04326032 = 3
8—9-10) vantozzz = 3
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