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Конкурс:"Дизайн снегохода"
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Описание работы: Greetings, first of all, I would like to apologize as I have to write in English instead of Russian as I am from Slovakia and my Russian is almost nonexistent.

At first thought, the theme: alternatives to current methods sounded like it should be approached from a technological point of view, however, after some thinking I realized that improvement does not necessarily mean to “distance” ourselves from nature. After finding out that “Irbis” actually means snow leopard, I immediately knew what I was going to design. Researching and studying the form of a snow leopard’s head inspired me to shape the snowmobiles body according to it.

Interestingly, a snow leopard’s head is actually an incredibly fitting design for a snowmobile, as its features have corresponding components on a snowmobile. The eyes are headlights, the nose is an air intake, and the ears are handlebars. I did not want to create semi-organic design as these common, instead I decided to merge the organic features into a modern, futuristic style. I found that the curves of a leopards head are naturally very aesthetically appealing.

The wide structure of the “head” provided extra space, which means more capacity for storing things and a possibility for a bigger engine and above that passively protecting the driver against oncoming wind. The extra space could also be utilized for more electronics, like a GPS system, which I conveniently placed above the fuel tank.

As for the front suspension system, I designed it to fit the overall style of the body design, however, I did not go overboard as I am aware that there are many technical limitations in that sense. The color scheme I used for my renders was carefully picked to mimic the colors of a snow leopard, without compromising the visual dynamics.

I believe that the today’s current design of having one track is very efficient, which is why I decided that I would only improve it and not completely remake it into something that might not even be viable (economically or technically). This enabled me to focus on perfecting each and every curve of the rest of the snowmobile, ultimately specializing the details for maximum ergonomics and comfort.

The requirement that the snowmobile should be able to transport 2 people gave me some trouble, as I did not want to make the design any bulkier due to the increased width of the head design. The idea that I decided upon using as the final design was making the snowmobile for 1 person, but having the ability to transport another by utilizing another seat that slides beneath the main seat. By doing this, I would have to sacrifice the storage under the seat, but this was quickly compensated by adding storage compartments into the main part (back of the head). This enabled me to create a compact, yet very practical design.

Увеличить: 1280x905, 2998x2121

Увеличить: 1280x904, 3000x2121

Увеличить: 1280x904, 3000x2121

Увеличить: 1280x904, 3000x2121

Увеличить: 1280x904, 3000x2121

Увеличить: 1280x904, 3000x2121

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23.01.15г. 15:44 a_mel  

Сходство есть?

24.01.15г. 02:16 Reactive  
Оценка: 4

Hey man, very nice and sharpy design. Especially i like the idea with seat extension. But this face...

25.01.15г. 00:00 NJoy  
Оценка: 3

hey man, I think what you've got going from the middle to the back is quite nice, but the face... it seems that you tried to literally copy the cat face over and it just didn't work, resulting in something that looks more like a bird. Painting such large chunk of the nose black didn't help either. This is a case of when instead of trying to copy the form you need try to identify the characteristic features of the animal you're trying to portray, and then build your form on them.

interesting suspension geometry, by the way.


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