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Участник в категории: Профессионалы - Читательgerardodelgado2

Конкурс:"Автомобиль для президента"
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Описание работы: The idea behind this proposal is to take the privacy to a whole new level, where armored windows are old story.

The main thing that you can notice is the lack of "windows" where instead is a complete traslucid surface that works only from the inside to the outside, and not in the other way, this is to keep the flow of the surfaces of the vehicle and to preserve it's own beauty. The next detail that pops out to the eye is that it isn't a long car, this is because other than be fully armored and aesthetically pleasant, needs to be also practical, so when needed it wont get stuck easily because of its size. The three-seat interior is very well thought where we leave the two main seats as confortable as posible for the president and his companion and at the front, instead of wasting space for an empty seat, The driver its centered so the driving experience is unbelievable where all the commands are specifically designed for maximum concentration from the driver.

The SUV and the MicroBus are designed with the same concept and esthetically matched, so they all look alike.

Увеличить: 1280x548, 4134x1772

Увеличить: 1280x536, 4961x2078

Увеличить: 1280x564, 4961x2188

Увеличить: 1280x752, 4961x2916

Увеличить: 1280x905, 4961x3508

Увеличить: 1280x1749, 3508x4795

Увеличить: 1280x801, 4134x2587

Увеличить: 1280x735, 4647x2669

Увеличить: 1280x1117, 3508x3062

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21.02.13г. 15:14 Red_Qube  

Мимо темы...

21.02.13г. 15:45 cyclofillydea (DELITED)  

Согласен.. мимо темы, мимо кассы..

21.02.13г. 20:27 Capricorn Hare (DELITED)  
Оценка: 4

Ah, glamour! If Sergei Zverev will ever become a president...))

21.02.13г. 20:54 genrich_william  


22.02.13г. 13:08 Andromedos  
Оценка: 5

Очень хорошо смотрелось бы в качестве мода для GTA vice city )))

23.02.13г. 00:20 N1ght5  

самая перспективная работа

23.02.13г. 17:48 Boss1975  
Оценка: -5

да этот корабль только звереву)))

24.02.13г. 16:57 Hitagara  
Оценка: -4


25.02.13г. 16:17 Arsash  
Оценка: 5

очень красиво!


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