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Участник в категории: Профессионалы - СтудентыЯ R

Конкурс:"Конкурс «Next VW Icon» "
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Описание работы: Sehr geehrte Damen und Herrn,
My name is Yaroslav Yakovlev and I am a student of the Saint-Petersburg Academy of Art and Design. (2004-2010). Let me introduce my vision of the next Volkswagen Icon. Learning the Volkswagen history and trying to understand the success of such cars as the Original Beetle, T1 bus, Golf and New Beetle, I’ve concluded that those success was depended on following reasons:
1. the cars anticipated needs of the customers (for example Golf I, and extension of success Golf II, at that time there was no such car on the market, that could offer excellent quality, new brave exterior, practical interior design, economy engines, clever balance of its dimensions (between large cars and too small cars), it also sell at a reasonable price, so Volkswagen had to be able condense all this parameters in one model, that was Golf).
2. the cars anticipated needs of the time when they were appeared.
3. they also were pioneers of new car classes (most bright example – Golf)
4. they combined modern technologies of it’s times

So basing on such summary I come to my conception of the new Volkswagen Icon. I suppose that at the modern time when humanity starts to feel the ecological problems, high prices on the petroleum products, social problems. When we become more and more “computerized” (smart-phones, based on GPS navigators), “virtualized” (internet communities, blogs, video-conferentions), becoming more and more busying, full of work, full of communications, always in contact with outer space. When we don’t have enough time during the workweek to get rest, to get positive emotions, to smell the life spirit. The new VW icon should be a car that could help to solve these problems of modern being. I think that it should be a car that helps us to be in contact with nature, it’d be alike humans and modern life achievements, in it’s character, in it’s interconnection with nature, it’s exterior and interior, it’s construction and technologies, so it’s imagery should express an association with human nature and modern technologies. The car space like intimate place of soul for taking positive emotions and relaxation, etc., in merry-go-round of life. The car like a capsule that saves not only human body but soul too. Motto of my next VW icon conception – CAR LIKE A PIECE OF NATURE THAT MADE OUT OF STEEL.

Original ideas: non-central, asymmetric exterior and construction (like the nature forms are), that gives original character to the car; fuel-cell technologies; easy-to-use driver interface; internet connection; adaptive interior illumination (depends on TOD, driving style, whishes of driver or passengers); simple and clear interior (without infinite set of details) but at the same time with elements of multimedia. Fully digital fascia, when driver could change background color theme of the fascia at all, using his favorite images in ipod (connected with dashboard). And not only dashboard but all interior panels. Smart design and innovation.

So this is my concept, and my thoughts I’ve guided by, trying to incarnate next VW icon.
Vielen Dank fuer Ihre Aufmerksamkeit.
Yaroslav Yakovlev.

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22.04.08г. 18:52 Гришаев Александр Евгеньевич  
Оценка: 5


22.04.08г. 22:25 das_ein  
Оценка: 5

покатался бы на такой

23.04.08г. 12:01 Косарев Павел Валериевич  
Оценка: 5

ассиметрика бесспорно креативна, но мне кажется vw в ближайшем будущем не будут рассматривать эту идею.

23.04.08г. 20:36   CX

Асимметрия говоришь? :)))

04.05.08г. 17:12 Capricorn Hare (DELITED)  
Оценка: 4

"Мелеховская" тема, урок №3 :) Что до исполнения, спереди - симпатишно, сбоку - не ново, сзади - недоделано, в 3/4 - коряво. ИМХО, разумеется.

05.05.08г. 17:14   irenna

Дизайн очень стильный и сильный, но что до техники исполнения - желает быть лучше.

05.05.08г. 19:41 Я R  

нет предела совершенству! =))) спасибо за комент.

09.05.08г. 13:58 Женя Рогов  
Оценка: 5

а я вот считаю что и дизайн и техника исрлнения тут в полнейшем порядке)))))))))

10.05.08г. 14:55 Осипов Сергей Александрович  
Оценка: 5

многие студенты заморачиваются на тему ассиметрии. мало у кого что, то красивое и по-настоящему стильное получается. Ярослав - ты исключение. Отличный проект, очень стильный.

10.05.08г. 15:29 Я R  

большое спасибо! приятно.

12.05.08г. 22:58 Киреев Пётр Сергеевич  
Оценка: 5

мне тож понравилось!

13.05.08г. 15:21 R Илья  
Оценка: 5

шикарно! попахивает Японией(в наилудшем смысле этого слова)


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