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  • dosicM-GP
    годичными надписями вы пытайтесь оправдать несовершенство рендеров...
  • yexelM-GP
    Перед интересен своими фарами, оригинален.
  • CapricornDAHAITSU TJ110
    Как всегда супер. Кстати обращаю внимание, что на фоне японцев, VW, баркасов и прочих вэнов почему-то буквально все забыли о FIAT 900T и предшественниках.
  • gorbeсоленая собака
    Very nice 3D,I just wonder, which 3D software program you used?, does it has any 'Natives'?, whic rendering as well as ray tracing software programs you used as well?, I like to learn about them.since I'm a pre starter of 3D software program future user. may be, you'll be able to advise me?(Advice of a ...
  • gorbeАурус в Крыму- продолжение.
    You just described for you, what kind of hell, you, yourself may get into, should you ever decide to emigrate to the USA,But not me,I Know how to deal with it,I'm not a person , that is just thinking the same way as you think,I'm am extremely mature person,and deal with reality, while you live in an world ...

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