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  • Сергей БариновVolga 24 coupe
    3d max - modeling/animation. keyshot/vray - rendering. after effects - compositing
  • Сергей БариновVolga 24 coupe
    Нет смысла что-то вообще за базу брать, это просто 3д модель без привязки к реальному автомобилю
  • Головань СлаваАэро
    Own names are not translate and interpretation.
  • gorbeVolga 24 coupe
    Very nice rendered 3D Model,Interesting to know which software program,used?, since I'm a Blender 3D absolute beginner, the design is nice and unique, reminds me of Japanese cars of the 1990 t0 2000, so I'm sure, you'll be more updated your next proposal for up to date, yet if your car have been into ...
  • 0013Volga 24 coupe
    Видео класс! 24ку не увидел. Почему не хочешь взять за базу Камаро(5)?

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ФИО: Povzhyk Maksym
Web-site: Contact my Facebook
Образование: Automotive industry and engineering bachelor
Языки: Russian and Ukrainian as native speaker,
English -- C2 (Advanced) Fluent speaker
German -- A2 (Currently improving it)
Have a plans to learn French or Italian
Опыт: • Automotive photography.
• Digital automotive photography (WCP).
• Automotive engineering and industry (management, production, technical services, restoration and repairs.
• Knowledge of construction of old and modern ICE vehicles; Currently researching EV.
• Interested in motorsport and motorsport engineering.
• Researching the modern hi-tech (autopilot and AI, human perception to build safer and better transportation system etc)

• Formula Student KPI experience.

Some of my works on
О Себе: Automotive engineer and enthusiast who just wants to make this world better by designing cars.
Друзья пользователя: Petrikin Vladyslav, Владимир Багинский Александрович, Julia_Loboduchenko, Berkhamov_design, cirsanov_73, MUHA DESIGN
В друзьях у пользователей: Julia_Loboduchenko
Взаимные друзья: Julia_Loboduchenko

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