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Вакансии Россия - работа во владикавказе, менеджер, начальник, Работа для вас.

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ФИО: Rahmani Alisuda
Образование: self and single college art class(3 points Perspective,and Alkyd/Acrylics painting) and class for Pipes drafting class class at PCC (Pasadena City College),but not an art graduate
Языки: English, and Spanish,(My original Native Inca's languages are both Aymara&Quechua ) a little German, slightly French and Italian Arabic,& few words in Farsi(Persian) is My husband ,Born in Isfahan language) (He's Iranian),I try to learn Russian∧Ukrainian, when I have time..
Опыт: llama ,Alpaca∧Vicuna shepherdess,in the past,but now, trying to master,the Paint Shop Pro 7th version, on both windows XP & Windows 7.,since in the USA Paints,and brushes, etc,(art supplies) are too expensive,I prefers the computer assist painting &sketching with virtual tools inc. brushes etc.and CG program(application) Matrix manipulations, still the HP Inks, are getting extremely expensive, so I have to refill my ink cartridges, (Which ruined already 2 of my printers,due to leaked inks),I think refilling ink cartridges, it's also a good skill to know.,I even teach my son Roshan, how to do it.
О Себе: I'm just an enthusiastic pretty Inca Native,Mixed with Spaniard(The Conquerors),I love Sciences,Transport Motor vehicles of any kind,Songs&music,Human rights&Animal rights,History Geography History of Evolution (Change)(Sciences)history,Psychology,Psychiatry,Genetics
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Взаимные друзья: darmar, fazinvector

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  • Тема: Lamborghini countach

    Hurrah! very nice work!

    13 December 2017

  • Тема: Arrinera

    Very nice work, Arrinera Hussarya(Cavalry) GT company is owned by Arrinera S.A. listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange.They started in2013(1st concept 2011),If I'm right, I assume, that now there's a newer model(looks slightly more modern&aerodynamic), also The mfr.(Just like everybody else) to ...

    07 December 2017

  • Тема: Mercedes G-class 2018

    all of your works,are very nice,and technical.some of the future MB CLS, need to be updated for a future trend (e.g. Radiator grill).

    07 December 2017

  • Тема: Проект Крым.Свой взгляд ч.2.

    Beautiful,need to go into mass production there.I'll be Your car 1st client!

    04 December 2017

  • Тема: BMW Z7

    Nice work,nice colo(u)r as well, but... I was intrigued by the fact ,that in the top photo we could see the inside interior of a different body styled car, maybe you forgot to eliminate it too?,right?!.

    03 December 2017

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Реклама на сайте

Вакансии Россия - работа во владикавказе, менеджер, начальник, Работа для вас.