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Образование: • 2016 – 2018 Ural State University Architecture & Arts (USUAA), Student of Department Industrial Design, Industrial Design Studio, Master of Industrial Design
• 2010 – 2016 Ural Federal University, Graduate of Institute Humanities and Arts, Department of Cultural Studies and Design, Industrial Design Speciality, Specialist degree
Языки: Russian – Native, English – Intermediate
Награды: • The Winner of SPD Sketch Fighter 2016 by Scuola Politecnica di Design
• The Finalist of the TOYOTA LOGISTIC DESIGN COMPETITION 2016; «Forklifts, like you’ve never seen them before». Concept G2. 2016
• 3rd place; Competition sketches of design projects «Dumpers BELAZ 2020-2030»; Belarus, Minsk 2014
• Successful participation in CONCEIVE DESIGN IMPLEMENT OPERATE 2015 (CDIO 2015) as the Industrial designer of «Ural Federal University» team; China, Chengdu 2015
• 3rd place; Russian Student Competition of Industrial Design FORMA; Global Industrial Design Forum «GID»; Category «Transportation Design»; INNOPROM; Yekaterinburg 2016
• 3rd place; Competition industrial designers from designer Sergey Smirnov, in the technical festival "VUZPROMFEST 2014"; Moscow 2014
• 1st place; Best in category design project of the program " Techno break through" in the Championship of working professions through high-tech industries by the method of WorldSkills; Yekaterinburg 2014
• 1st place; Competition industrial designers from designer Andrew Vostrikov, in the Festival of engineering and industrial design among the student teams "INZHPROMFEST 2014"; Moscow 2014
• Successful participation in the exhibition dedicated to transport design «AUTOMANIA XI» ; Yekaterinburg 2015
• 3rd place; International Competition of three-dimensional graphics and animation «PERSPECTIVE» in the category of «Object», General sponsor «AUTODESK»; 2015
• 2nd place; Autodesk «Shape the future 2015» competition; Category «Industrial Design»; «Dumpers BELAZ carrying capacity 36 tons»; 2015
• Successful participation in the exhibition dedicated to transport design «AUTOMANIA XII» ; Yekaterinburg 2016
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