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  • gorbedinozavr
    There are a lot of Good students, from Africa, as well as students of African ancestry, be reminded ,that the designer of Chrysler 300 He's a man of African ancestry, and while visiting Nigeria, I met there a Fantastic African designer, one of many, you've a lot to gain, being polite, supportive, and ...
  • gorbeпогрузчик для конкурса Атом
    We love it!, and wish you success!.
  • gorbeloader
    Hello, Dear Mr. WOW'ka! Thank you so much ,for being so kind, and submitting this colorful design, I really love it, and I'm sure,that ,based on my observation, you'll be very successful,I could guarantee,and predict that .
  • gorbeСобирательный образ
    Very nice return to a good habit, welcome back, You're very creative,and artistic as well, the unique Pink color is making a comeback worldwide.If you have any spare time, kindly please try to finish and improve your submission,in such an attractive way,that it'll be very popular,Thank you very 5 ...
  • gorbeДинозавр
    Dear Honorable Mr.shehterpavel,Than k you so much, for your progress.I hope you'll be inspired by wisdom of creativity to focus your efforts to improve fast, and prove your superior ability.(By any chance, do you know if the ZIS was a copy or Licensee of Studebaker?,). ...

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Награды: Публикация в журнале Автопанорама-2003-2008гг.
О Себе: Позитифф))
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  • Тема: с новым годом!!

    Серега,потрясающаяя Новогодняя работа!Здорово!

    27 December 2013

  • Тема: краз


    22 December 2013

  • Тема: х_р

    Серега КРУТО,жизненно прорисованно и без всякого "фото-шепа", так держать!

    17 December 2013

  • Тема: McDonald F1

    Den-z,красва!! Историю загнул ломовую))

    27 November 2011

  • Тема: W 126

    Игоречек,ты лучший братишка!!))

    10 November 2011

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