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  • Oleg KovrovRally Super 1600
    Это спортивные автомобили, которые построены по специальным техническим требованиям, предъявляемые к определенным трассам. На капоте это доп. элемент называемый "люстра" ( устанавливается 4 мощных прожектора)для ночных спец участков в ралли.
  • gorbeVision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury: фотообзор
    Yak(Yes), You done avery good correction, the car on the top is the ultimate solution!,it has both logic & purpose
  • gorbeVision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury: фотообзор ...almost think like I do, but... You need to be more patient, and pay attention to details, I'll be very happy to lend you an hand(help you) should you wisely ask.Otherwise, did you realize how many corrections your wonderful image manipulation required?, Kindly please look closely on ...
  • gorbeVision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury: фотообзор
    This car was a customized Mini, I hope you noticed,BMC and later Leyland owned ,inc. also Austin & m Mrris and Wolseley,pronounced "Woolsey"
  • gorbeVision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury: фотообзор
    Interesting,it's a sedan looks alike Crossover ,meaning a 4X4 Wheel drive car based SUV, the trend nowadays,even in SUVs everyone is noticing, even among SUVs(which are typically Pick Up truck based)to be more like a car rear end (that's our observations,I hope you noticed it as well.But is ...

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The concept car Renault for rally "Dakar"
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"Moskvich" 407 coupe custom project "Vision GT"

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Ferrari 250GTO 5571GT Series II. 1964

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